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Exhibition in these four cases is not only a chance to show work publicly that had been previously made in the studio, but for the work to develop in a new direction in relation to the particular situation.


In cases 2 and 3 the work is placed in its final stage in relation to the surrounding architecture, becoming part and interacting with it. In cases 1 and 4, works are made in response to site that came about by investigating, sensing, experiencing and reflecting upon a space.


In all cases the documentation of the work becomes vital as well as the fleeting nature of the experience of the artwork in place.

Case 1

Crypt Gallery St Pancreas. London November 2014

more info here 

Case 2

Aesthesia. Pick & Mix The Galleries Bristol, September 2014

Case 4

Park 14, Cannizaro Park Wimbledon May 2014.

More info here 

Case 3 

Atina Art Residency, Sant'Ambrogio sul Garigliano and Atina August 2015

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