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Marion Phillini is a venture in ways of collaborating. Maria Fernanda Calderon, Jon Clair, Ella Phillips and myself, have united to investigate how collaboration functions when making a moving image work. What are the possible methodologies and subsequent outcomes? 


So far we have produced two short moving image works where no pre determined structures were set, all aspects of production and exhibition as well as decision making and authorship has been shared amongst us equally. We are both the subject and the object of the works, we do not divide labour according to skill but each is able to take up each one of the roles. 


We plan to further develop this idea by completing 9 experiments in collaboration, with each experiment lasting 3 days and comprising of a day site-responsive filming, one day editing and a day of reflection.  



Marion Phillini has exhibited at:


FILE VideoArt Festival, Brazil 2015

Paralello Film Festival, New York La tua vita per me 2015

Mexico Film Festival, Guadalajara Concrete 2015

Napoli International Film Festival, Italy 2014

AltoFest, Naples Italy La tua vita per me 2014 (residency and exhibition)

Studio 180, ArtLicks Festival London Dirty laundry: what do you consider private? 2014

Anatum’s Abode, Limehouse Dirty Laundry 2014 (residency and exhibition)



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