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Traces, digital photographs of variable sizes, 2013.


I set out to take images that would tell the situation that undocumented migrants find themselves in when they arrive on the southern shores of Europe, specifically the islands of Malta and Lampedusa. I made the choice of selecting the images where the point of view is singular and not able to communicate a whole, a singular pregnant moment. Hence, a detective or archaeologist can only observe the remains of what has already occurred. 


The exhibition Human RIghts, Human Wrongs at the Photographers Gallery, London from the 6th February to the 6th April 2015, assesses with its curatorial choices some of the issues at stake.


The curator Mark Sealy states: "I wanted audiences to really think about... how ..recognition is generated and controlled, especially in terms of image production and circulation. So much of the world, in terms of how we understand it, is generated from a very particular tradition of Eurocentric concerns...






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