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PARK 14 was a three day showcase of site specific artwork in Cannizaro Park, May 2014 curated by Juliet Hayson.


Drawing parallels between environmental campaigns and political campaigns I adopted the language of science and information to make fictitious posters that were placed on two crossroads within the park. The scale of these was close to the indication signs so that passers by would read them as official. The signs indicated an environmental threat to the park by Alien Invasive Species and urged the public to take action.


The roots of this project are all within Cannizaro. The idea for this work was developed for this site. Having visited the park and observed the variety of fauna and flora from across the globe, made me curious to look into the history of the plants and when they were introduced into the country. Plants as the Rhododendron Ponticum, an attraction of Cannizaro Park, was introduced into England from Spain in the late 18th Century and is an invasive non native species. 


The design of the posters was chosen from looking at political propaganda. The 'go home' Conservative campaign in 2013. The 2011 election posters. The black and red colouring of the slogans was taken from non-smoking signs. 





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