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assemblage_digital prints on clear film_2015
Yet to find a name.
Installation shot
reverse with sunlight.jpg
Catch Atina, Italy 2008
Theresa and Louisa somewhere in Northampton circa 1972
Easter 1986 Mochette
Kosovo .jpg
Easter 1986 Projected
Easter 1986
Easter 1986
Catherine Jumping 1960
Snitch in light
Marriage with Theresa and Louisa

In photography what has happened only once is captured and cut into frames which have the capacity to be repeated endlessly. Every time the viewer scans the image, new meaning is placed upon it, refreshing itself with a new now.


I seek to show the unfolding impermanence and instability of personal knowledge associated with the image. Tangled up between memory and imagination. 


I do this reworking onto photographs from family albums as a palimpsest. Continually rearranging and reformulating with layers of drawings, colour and paint. In this way the photograph as a document is questioned, alongside the authorship of the artist that hangs between gestural marks and their reproduction. 


Copying through analogue and digital processes leaves behind traces of itself, imperfections that corrupt and deteriorate the seemingly neutral surface. This corruption reveals the making and history of the image and leads to a retelling. Potential for ubiquity becomes more important rather than quality of image. 


Within the work a dialogue is established so that the work moves from image to object and back to image, through the viewers movement around the space. The ephemeral is put in contrast to what seems permanent, effecting a balance between the virtual and the real. 

Text from 2015

copyright - natasha sabatini @natashasabatni

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