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Chalton Gallery Installation_Letting Light Pass Through_2019.JPG

Letting Light Pass Through - Chalton Gallery was curated by Helena Lugo.

'In physics and modern science, the term light refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, whether visible or not. Although light may or may not put something in a view, it encompasses the idea of a constant spectrum that turns into energy and waves with a certain specific direction. However, the course of the light is subject to change as soon as it come across objects, operating in several and multiple simultaneous directions. This multidirectionality is referred as translucent: that specific phenomenon where the light refracts, waving from one material to the other.

Letting Light to Pass Through is an exploration on visibility, opacity, refraction, light, matter and bodies. It reflects on the contingent possibilities of light used as operations of visibilization and occultation from a gender perspective, while using the idea of translucidity as a place for a multiplicity of metaphors. The phenomena of translucence thinks of the construction of subjectivity and objectivity through its refraction, as if things were able to change its material conditions depending on both the agency of the glance and the possibility to reflect and become other.

This project aims to question how we to think of the translucent as an aesthetic or visual strategy that does not limit itself to technical matters nor to conceptual ones. It gathers different glances articulating practices of artists working in different latitudes; looking at it as a way to produce possibilities to think Western theory from different perspectives.'

Exhibition text by Helena Lugo.

09.02.19 - One Thoresby Street - Reece Straw-14.jpg

UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

The Bellybutton of the Moon, 2018.jpg
The Bellybutton of the Moon n3- 2018.jpg
The Bellybutton of the Moon n2 - 2018.JP

 Leonora Carrington Museum - San Luis Potosí, Mexico December 2018. 

griffin gallery studio residency installation_acrylic on wood_66x8x6cm_Feb 2018
griffin gallery studio residency installation_acrylic on wood_66x8x6cm_Feb 2018
detail of installation_Skolmima_acrylic and clear film_5x5x3cm_2018
detail of installation_Skolmima_acrylic and clear film_5x5x3cm_2018
detail of installation_kermala_acrylic_18x19x3cm_2018
detail of installation_Jarnpuck_acrylic and clear film_10x3x3cm_2018

Griffin Gallery studio residency installation, Feb 2018

(sizes in image titles) 

In 2018, thanks to the Griffin Gallery residency (now Elephant Lab), that offered access to an unlimited supply of acrylic mediums to experiment with, I created a series of three-dimensional works in acrylic paint. In this series of works, the viewer is confronted with the materiality of the acrylic medium itself, has to deal with the physical, spatial and durational elements of the work. No longer able to venture into the illusionary space of the traditional painting, the viewer is asked to engage with the substance of the polythene creation and it’s rock like quality, that will remain intact and steady long after we have passed, unaltered by the flow of time.

copyright - natasha sabatini @natashasabatni

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