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Atase_acrylic and clear film_11x13x2cm_2018
Tsano_acrylic and clear film_9x6x4cm_2018
Baro_acrylic and clear film_6x7x3cm_2016.jpg
Allokten_acrylic and clear film_6x5x7cm_2018
Alloeuxe_acrylic and clear film_12x6x4cm_2018
KALCIOPE_acrylic and clear film_ 7x3x4cm_2017
Naurt_acrylic and clear film_11x9x6cm_2018
Dite_acrylic and clear film_8x5x3cm_2017
Occice_acrylic and clear film_6x3x3cm_2018
Bixby_acrylic and clear film_6x5x5cm_02/18
Carna_acrylic and clear film_6x5x5cm_2018
Hite_acrylic and clear film_8x8x4cm_2018
Nixgeo_acrylic and clear film_8.5x7x3cm_2018
Tarvositie_acrylic and clear film_7x5x3cm_2018
Septaria_acrylic and clear film_3x3x2cm_2017
Bifaste_acrylic and clear film_7x5x5cm_2018.jpg
Ettga_acrylic and clear film_7x7x5cm_2017
Ortobau_acrylic and clear film_5x5x4cm_2018.jpg
Stite_acrylic and clear film_6x3x4cm_2018
Clase_acrylic and clear film_6x3x3cm_2018

As a reflection on painting, the three-dimensional objects or their document in digital photographs hinge on the histories of minimalism and modernism in form, but they arise from a more intimate, fragile and fluctuating point, a playful sequence of events. They are, in fact, archaeological remnants of distant planets.

copyright - natasha sabatini @natashasabatni

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