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Obtained on exploration 38564 from Planet Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy. Bifaste is thought to have originated when it was emitted from a black hole and it collided with a quasar, combusting into a condensed piece of hydrogen cyanide and carbon ertodium. It has been found to increase the flow of androstenedione hormones when placed on the smallest extension of an organ, every day for a solar year. This can help with the ability to dissolve conflicts that arise on planets ruled as androcracies.



Place Octane on an ear or sound sensitive body receptor at 10 minute intervals - 10 minutes on then 10 minutes off for 360 minutes. Do this in conjunction with a flower moon to ignite the frequencies within Octane to oscillate regularly. Otherwise Octane disperses scattered vibrations. These pulses direct focussed and hyper attuned listening to your heart and its beat, enhancing your emotional awareness it can also lead to the healing of broken hearts. 

copyright - natasha sabatini @natashasabatni

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