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"Texts or images can thus no longer be understood as revelations of subjective expression, but rather, stand for the opening of a space in which the subject effects its own disappearance. At most, it leaves traces, traces that should, however not be confused with authentic testimony as to its essential mental-emotional state." Isabelle Grow 

"Drawing for me is about fluidity. There may be a vague sense of what you're going to draw but things occur during the process that may modify, consolidate or shed doubts on what you know. So drawing is a testing of ideas; a slow motion version of thought. It does not arrive instantly like a photograph. The uncertain and imprecise way of constructing a drawing is sometimes a model of how to construct meaning. " William Kentridge in The Drawing Book by Tania Kovats, Black Dog Publishing 2006.

Ink and paper, A5. 2015



Ink on paper, A5. 2014

Drawing is the sketch that connects thought and realization. It sits is the grey areas, the in between, the boarder crossings, the hybrid, the passing moment.



Watercolour on paper. A5. 2013

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