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Curated by Ken Wilder and the Spaces and Narrations research group at Chelsea College of Art. 

Artists included Karimah Ashadu, Robin Jenkins, Adam Kossoff, Aaron McPeake, Aura Satz, Ken Wilder.


This exhibition was accompanied by a symposium of the same title, speakers included Ken Wilder, Hillel Schwarz, David Toop, Laura U Marks and James Hamilton. 


The Idea of haptic visuality presented by Laura U. Marks gives us an another way in when considering digital artwork, or artwork which is experienced through the decontextualised and abstract plane of the screen. In her proposition the eye is able to analyse visual material through the experience of touch. For example in the case of a glitch or scratch, we are able to start to unpick the fabric of the work, the history of this apparent flat surface.


James Hamilton discussed sound that is off-scene as a strategy within theatre to bring attention to a situation while effecting a distancing of the audience. 


In Laura U. Marks proposition, what appears initially as superficial emerges as more of an embracing experience whereas amplified sound as James Hamilton describes aids the braking with the illusion.





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