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From Atina to Mirabilandia. 16:50 - 19:00 hours

Digital print on Clear Film on mdf. 80 x 210 x 12 cm

June 2015

Yet to find a name.

HD projection.

6 min 80 sec

 mdf 81 x 50 x 19 cm

June 2015


Both the works in the image above present an elemet of being still fixed objects as well as maintaining an element of a variable, one affirmed by virtual time projected, the other through experienced time.


In 'Yet to find a name' time is devided by the digital introduction of light. 'From Atina to Mirabilandia' instead is bathed in natural light that rises scanning the image from the bottom to the top between 16:50 and 19:00 hours.


Both works have a relationship to architecture through scale. In 'From Atina to Mirabilandia' this is an external relationship to space it is located in. Istead within the projection an internal architectual play is staged.



"What is there to say of the enigma of an image, of an eikon - to speak Greek with Plato and Aristotle - that offers itself as the presence of an absent thing stamped with the seal of the anterior?"

Paul Ricouer in Memory, History, Forgetting. The University of Chicago Press August 2006.



























Dominique, Split 1996 in a Loop. Scanned 72 dpi JPG. April 2015.

Snitch. A3, 15 page etching on paper. Made between July 2014 - May 2015. 

Digital print on clear film and electrical tape. 297 x 420 x 50 mm. January 2015
Photocopy on paper. 25 x 37 cm. January 2015
Digital print on clear film and acrylic paint. 29  x  280 x 7 cm. February 2015

Set of studio experiments. 

It is not a case of wether what we are observing is an original or a copy, true or false but the translation itself, that belongs to a the system of a production of knowledge. 

Untitled Composition. Photocopies on acetate on perspex and brackets. UAL Wimbledon Foyer, March 2015.

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