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I co-organised the following workshops:



with Ines Camara Leret and Nell Sully at Five Years Gallery, East London.

10th May 2015


Sessions included: SOUNDING OUT TEXT where sound and words were recorded using a variety of microphones and implements to create a schizophonic poetic recording, OBJECTS ENCRYPTS PROCESS where secrets will be converted into paper and REPEAT WITH ME where repetition was used to conceal information.


The next session will be 

Part 2. Publication and Reading Event How to Read: Writing Groups.

29 Sept - 9 October 2016






with Angela Li Zhenxiang and Chloe Chow at Espacio Gallery, East London.


The project saw a series of workshops taking place based around the traditional life drawing class model. Whilst keeping with the ideas surrounding the life drawing class as the practice of observation and measurement we playfully experimented with new methods of recording the figure through performance, cut outs and photography.


This was part of the Exhibition "The Anti Gallery Gallery Show8th – 29th January 2015.





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