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Participating Artists included Maria Fernanda Calderon, Rosie Munro Kerr, Anastasia La Russa, Ella Phillips, Chun-yu Liu, Angela Li Zhenxiang.


Does an artists origin determin their practice? Does cultural heritage, have fixed roots which necessarily determine it, or is it a shifting entity that adapts and morphs, changing and evolving?  


In an attempt to answer these questions seven international MFA students exhibited an object from their home they believe may have influenced their artists practice, alongside an artwork. 


I initially submitted a proposal to the UAL Student Union who accepted and gave us the utility of their space at Chelsea College of Art.The space was used as a chance to experimentation with performances and workshops alongside installations, video and paintings. 


This was a key step in the development of my work, as I exhibited  'The Facebook Clashes' for the first time. Beside this work I displayed my family albums, an other social convention where the public and the private meet. It was from this point that I began using the family album images as sources for my next work.


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